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Presentation Coaching 

It's all about you

You might feel that presentation is as scary as bungee jumping or parachuting out of a plane. Some thrive on the adrenalin and some will feel their courage desert them and this is exactly what you might feel when asked to present to a group of people. Some even feel fear speaking up in small meetings or on the telephone. 

The surprising thing is that speaking is really about being more of yourself. It's about you and your way of doing things. Audiences want to hear what you have to say and don't want an Oscar winning performance. 

Everyone is capable of mastering their nerves and speaking publicly and as a professional actor I've met plenty of other actors who in private are extremely shy or introverted yet on stage are able to overcome their natural inclination to be quiet and perform to a crowd.


It proves that with the right approach, preparation and mindset anyone can get their message across in an interesting and entertaining way - and with my years of experience and knowledge at your disposal I would love to help you to move from A to B and help you build your confidence and enjoyment of speaking in front of others on any platform.


What's in a session 


Whether you are experienced or a newbie anyone can learn how to be a better and more confident speaker. It's important that coaching is done within a safe and relaxed environment. Feeling at home is vital for openness and creativity. Above all, humour plays a big part in the learning experience - so I make sessions fun & relaxed.


Areas we can work on:

  • how to turn your nerves into positive energy

  • how to gain confidence in front of a team or an audience

  • the best use of your look / poise and voice

  • vocal exercises to warm up and extend your range and timbre

  • how to use your personality and experience to engage an audience

  • how to present your message or story in a more dynamic, authentic and entertaining way

  • arranging content into a compulsive narrative

  • the most effective ways to use visual aids whilst speaking

This list is not exhaustive and we can tailor our work to suit you and your needs. I am happy to have a 15 minute consultation to explore more of what you need and to plan our session/s. Just drop me a line or a phone call. 

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