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Recent Work & Experience

Audio book - 'Proof of Life' by R. J. Ellory (ISIS Studios)

Audio book - 'Jigsaw Revolution' by Martin Preston (Mobile Audiobook Recording)

Audio book - 'Savage Eden' by KM Ashman (Chatterbox)

Podcast - 'Clash of the Cousins' - historical drama (Quivalon Prods)

Audio Drama - 'Mask' - Katie Cooper Prods

Audio Drama - 'Shakespeare'- Ferwerda Prods

Cartoon - 'Go More Faster' - E Ayres Prods

Radio - 'Wessex Whispers' - BBC 

Personal projects

When time allows I'm working on my own musical 'Only Heroes Dribble'  a football themed musical comedy. I am also a member of the Musical Theatre Network & The Mercury Musical Development.

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