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Acting Coaching

From beginners to professionals I offer one to one coaching sessions tailored to your needs.

For those already with acting experience I can work on


  • helping to shape audition pieces, speeches and characterisation

  • students who need help in preparing performance pieces

  • professional or amateur actors - who need help with character development

  • professional secrets of stage work.

The huge benefits of acting for non actors and beginners 

  • voice exercises and relaxation techniques which will help towards a better speech / talk / performance

  • confidence strategies

  • a huge boost to confidence

  • physical wellbeing for the body and the voice

  • the ability to 'read' body language and status in others

  • understanding the power of image & persona

  • how to turn nerves into a positive energy

My acting experience 

I have enjoyed success both as an actor and a presenter working in the West End around the UK and internationally. I have performed in a wide range of productions from Shakespeare to Musicals from TV to radio having trained for my career at Guildford School of Acting.

Current work includes voice over work for commercial projects, audio books and radio drama and using my stagecraft experience to teach business people the art of presentation. 

My favourite aspects of drama are Improvisation and comedy and when time allows I'm working on my own musical 'Only Heroes Dribble'  a football themed musical comedy. I am also a member of the Musical Theatre Network & The Mercury Musical Development.

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